Venue Request Form April 22, 2019  22:36:43
Meeting Room Request Form(Venue)
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Please list out your anticipated session timings for both days,plan your sessions from 1 PM to 5 PM on Sat,July 7 and 9 AM to 5 PM on Sunday ,July 8th


For all rooms with attendance of more than 50 people,a podium microphone will be included . In Addition,two wired microphone will be placed in the rooms for audience Q&A Session as a part of the standard setup .If you require a Mac ,Please bear in Mind that AV will not supply a VGA adapter For It
Option 1 - Podium Microphone is all I need
Option 2 - Podium Microphone and two wired microphones for audience Q&A
Option 3 - I do not need any Audio setup
Computer Audio
Audio output for your presentation
Yes, my presentation requires audio speakers
No, my presentation does not require audio speakers
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Please fill this form and send the form to Any questions ,please call Madhu Gonipati at (484)716-5894
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